Information and Communication Technology (ICT) presents itself as a modern industry.

This report examines the working conditions in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) ICT industry and the economic development of this industry in recent decades. The report outlines role that CEE plays in the global division of labour in ICT, the main problems regarding working conditions in CEE and on how working conditions are influenced by brand companies’ permanent restructuring of their global production networks. The report first presents an overview of the global ICT industry and the current economic crises and introduces key characteristics of the ICT industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, the working conditions and economic development in the the ICT production in Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic is analysed in more detail. The study shows shows that workers in the East European high-tech industry work under enormous pressure, coupled with extremely flexible working time requirements and poor pay. Moreover, it shows the important role of migrant workers in the ICT industry in Eastern Europe. lees meer minder
publication cover - Working Conditions and Economic Development in ICT Production in Central and Eastern Europe
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