The management of Electrolux Thailand has violated the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining of the workers of the Electrolux Rayong plant, according to Swedwatch.

Violations include:

  • the removal and immediate suspension of the chairperson of the local trade union;
  • the encircling of protesting workers with barricades and preventing them from leaving the factory site;
  • taking legal steps against the suspended members of the local trade union with the aim of terminating their employment;
  • and terminating all workers who participated in protests.

According to Swedwatch these actions constitute violations of the OECD Guidelines, in particular of chapter II (general policies), chapter IV (human rights) and chapter V (employment and industrial relations).

The complaint filed by Swedwatch is in part based on a report by GoodElectronics Thailand, a network of labour rights groups in Thailand that aim to improve labour conditions in the Thai electronics industry.

Read more about the complaint on the GoodElectronics website.