This series of fact sheets is designed to investigate the Dutch power sector and raise public awareness about the sustainability of power companies operating in the Netherlands. The series consists of ten company fact sheets and four thematic fact sheets, for a total of 14. The ten company fact sheets focus on ten of the Netherlands’ leading power companies: DELTA, Electrabel, Eneco, E.ON, Essent, Greenchoice, Nuon, Oxxio, RWE, and Windunie. For each company, the fact sheet will contain information on four measures of sustainability: the company’s current fuel mix for installed electricity generation capacity in Europe, current fuel mix of electricity supplied in the Netherlands, investments in new generating capacity in Europe, and initiatives to encourage consumers to become more sustainable in their energy use by conserving energy and reducing overall use (demand-side initiatives) in the Netherlands.

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publication cover - Sustainability in the Dutch Power Sector
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