The Case of the South Africa-Mozambique Gas Pipeline

For years South Africa has relied on coal as a source of energy. Across the country we fifi nd massive coal mines. Electric power plants make use of coal. In addition, many households use coal as their main energy source. Yet, increasingly there have been complaints about coal. In particular, environmentalists have argued that coal contributes to air pollution. As a result, currently there is a major effort under way to reduce our reliance on coal. One of the most important initiatives in this regard is the gas pipeline which is being constructed from Mozambique to Secunda in Mpumalanga. This pipeline is one of the biggest infrastructure investments we have seen in South Africa since 1994. Some people view this pipeline as a major step forward for development in the entire southern African region. Others argue that the pipeline is a bad investment which will not benefi t the majority of the people on the ground. This booklet will look at this gas pipeline and the debates around it. lees meer minder
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