16-17 July 2018, Buenos Aires

Are our democracies compatible with financial globalisation?

The purpose of this conference, is to discuss issues which should be part of the G-20 agenda, according to civil society organisations and engaged academics. The conference will be held in Buenos Aires in the same week during which central banks and ministries of finance will have their G-20 meetings.

Since the first meeting of G-20 leaders, 10 years ago in Washington DC, to confront the challenges the global financial crisis posed, we have not seen a satisfying response to the economic, social and environmental problems of our age. Instead we witnessed a rise of inequality that gave rise to the popularity of politicians that offer false solutions by scapegoating immigrants.

On the 30th of November 2018, another G-20 meeting will take place in Argentina. There is little hope this Summit will address the pressing issues of today. Therefore, universities, civil society organisations and trade unions, in Argentina and abroad, have come together to push for an alternative agenda that includes respecting the values of democracy, human rights and diversity. This agenda should be discussed by the people, for the people, which is why the organizers choose to call the event “People 20 / Pueblo 20”.

About the organisers

People 20 / Pueblo 20 is a network of civil society organisations, universities, research institutes and trade unions that aim to promote an alternative agenda for the G-20 summit this year in Argentina.

The aim of this event is to strengthen ties between movements in different countries and to create a space for dialogue to discuss alternatives. We wish to construct an agenda that integrates our conviction that another world is possible.

Practical info