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In solidarity with Gaza

SOMO, the Centre for Research on Multinationals, investigates multinational corporations. We strive for a fair and sustainable world where the well-being of people and the planet outweighs corporate profits and interests.

Since our establishment in 1973, we have been dedicated to reshaping the economic framework by restraining corporate power and championing social equity. Through research driven by tangible actions, we shed light on the far-reaching influence and extraordinary power wielded by multinational corporations. Our aim is to uncover the fundamental structures that uphold these entities.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, we function as a knowledge and research hub, working with hundreds of organisations worldwide. In our vision, civil societies have the power to ensure multinational corporations and governments are held accountable for their destructive and unfair business practices.


Call for proposals – Competition Policy and Power Research Fund

The Competition Policy and Power Research Fund aims to promote research that will help combat excessive market power. In this inaugural Call for Proposals, we seek applications from civil society and academic organisations for research grants on competition policy and concentrated corporate power. The proposed projects should show how the research can concretely advance the anti-monopoly agenda.

Issues we work on

Within the framework of our five-year strategy and our mission to overhaul the economy to prioritise human rights and ecological sustainability over profits, our efforts are centered around a few key critical issues.

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