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Marjory Haringa

Integrity and diversity at SOMO

At SOMO, we have a detailed Integrity Policy aimed at preventing unethical behaviour and other forms of wrongdoing and malpractice. The policy includes procedures for follow-up on alleged misconduct.

SOMO employees are expected to adhere to the SOMO Code of Conduct, which makes explicit the principles for the research we do ourselves and the research done by others for us. These principles include effectiveness, independence, reliability, protection of sources, quality, transparency, cooperation, right of reply, and accountability.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We aim to integrate an intersectional approach to gender and diversity in our work and internal organisation, drawing on an analysis of dynamic and diverse power relations.

SOMO promotes diversity, equity and inclusion on three levels:

  1. organisational level;
  2. cooperation level;
  3. strategic / project level.
SOMO Staff
Female Male
Supervisory board 2 1
Executive board 1 0
Programme managers 1 0
Researchers/coordinators 13 9
Communications 3 2
Other staff 4 2

On the organisational level, policies are implemented to:

On the cooperation level, processes are implemented to:

On strategy and program level SOMO:

Diversity goals

We invest in agenda setting, awareness raising and providing tools to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Our goal is an increased number of colleagues who integrate an intersectional approach to diversity and gender in their work at both programmatic and organisational levels.

Progress is monitored by the working group ‘intersectionality and gender’. This working group meets four times a year with the managing director to discuss the process and decide on actions to stimulate the continuous learning process. The working groups also give advice on new vacancies to improve the recruitment and selection process.

Filing a complaint

If you have a complaint, please inform us via our online complaint form or via SeeHearSpeakUp(opens in new window) , a third-party independent whistleblowing service. The service will act impartially to any concern you raise that violates our organisational policies and Code of Conduct.

Complaints can be submitted to SeeHearSpeakUp through an online form(opens in new window) by email or by phone:

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