The Netherlands supports the proposal for a global pool of rights to data, knowledge and intellectual property concerning Covid-19 that can be freely shared.

Photo: Pikrepo CC0 1.0

This was stated in a letter to Parliament on 7 April:

“In addition to the financial contribution to the research, the Netherlands will offer to help the WHO to further develop a COVID-19 patent pool.”

On 8 April, the Dutch Lower House also adopted a motion requesting the government:

“to show leadership prior to, and during, the annual meeting of the World Health Organization, to speak out explicitly in favour of the establishment of a global COVID-19 pool, and to actively support the World Health Organization in doing so.”

Call for global Covid-19 pool

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Last week SOMO, together with a broad coalition of civil society organisations and public health experts, signed a letter to the government calling for support for the worldwide “Covid-19 pool”.