Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a vital role in safeguarding a society that is socially just, inclusive and environmentally sustainable. However, there is a worrying trend that the space for CSOs to operate in is shrinking fast.

Members of the Advisory Group of the Fair, Green and Global alliance have taken a close look at this trend and its causes. They argue that a structural and proactive approach is urgently needed to curb this trend.

Civil society increasingly curbed

Civil activists of the 21st century have made great strides towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world. However, the space for civil society is shrinking fast and its countervailing power is increasingly under threat. To defend vested interests, those who speak out against the status quo are being silenced. This happens in many countries in the global South. But not only there. In rich and ‘democratic’ countries too, civil activism is increasingly side-lined.

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