Photo: Change Finance

We are facing urgent challenges: social, environmental, political. It all starts with freeing society from the grip of finance and democracy from the capture of finance’s private interests. Ten years on from the financial crisis, the coalition Change Finance (in which SOMO participates) wants to revive the momentum for a fundamental transformation and paradigm shift. The coalition will organize events and protests all over Europe during the weekend of September 15th (the 10-year anniversary of the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers) to send a message to politicians, banks and institutions that the current status quo won’t stand.

After the crash, governments bailed out the banks but didn’t fix them. People – and our public services – have paid the price. Finance has refused to change its ways. New risks are growing. Change Finance is a group of organisations and individuals committed to stop financialisation of society. It aims to unlock the financial system’s great potential to serving people and the planet and to accelerate a transition in the economy. Everybody can join to free our societies from being servants to finance and to make finance serve societies. Join here!

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