Mercedes-Benz has decided to prioritise mica on the list of fity raw materials with a high risk in the area of human rights. Terres des Hommes calls this decision “an excellent result in the mica campaign”.

SOMO researched the global mica trade for Terres des Hommes.Terres des Hommes has based its campaign focused on mica-processing companies on this report.

Irene Schipper (SOMO researcher):

“Mercedes-Benz is now recognising its responsibility for due diligence on mica. This includes examining the mica supply chain from the mine to the processing level. Based on this audit, the company concluded that mica is a high-risk raw material and has placed it high on their risk list.”

Mercedes-Benz does not itself import mica, but it purchases automotive paint from its suppliers  which has mica added for a shimmering effect. Mica is also incorporated into all the electronics found in cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.