Photo: nadinheli22 CC0

On Tuesday 11 September, the Dutch Parliament will discuss the European Commission’s proposal for a directive to combat dishonest trade practices in the food sector.

Civil society organisations have suggested improvements to the European legislation that is currently being written and proposed these to Dutch MPs. The proposal is a good and necessary step towards making supermarket supply chains fairer. The current government has also acknowledged the problematic power imbalances in this sector and the supermarkets’ bargaining strength of supermarkets, and is positive about the legislative proposal.

The civil society organisations have suggested changes to make the EC proposal more effective. They urge that the Netherlands commits to:

  • Allowing suppliers from outside the EU and maintaining policy coherence;
  • Strong European coordination;
  • Banning all types of unfair trading practices;
  • Protecting both larger and smaller food producers and suppliers.

Download the Letter to MPs on the EU directive on unfair commercial practices (only in Dutch).