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International community must act against Israel’s repression of Palestinian human rights organisations

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Last Thursday, the Israeli army violently raided seven prominent Palestinian human rights organisations and sealed their doors. Last weekend, the director of Al Haq (Shawan Jabarin) was threatened by telephone and the director of Defense for Children International – Palestine (Khaled Quzmar) was detained for several hours for questioning. These actions are part of a deliberate strategy to make the work of human rights organisations in Palestine impossible.

It is unacceptable that this happens in a country that claims to be a democratic state under the rule of law. A group of NGOs, including PAX, Amnesty International and SOMO, is therefore calling on the international community to set a limit. At the diplomatic level, for example, they could press for the withdrawal of the accusations against the organisations and for bringing the underlying anti-terror legislation into line with international law. They also call for the protection of the staff of the various organisations.

The Netherlands, which has a special role as host country of the International Criminal Court, should also take action, according to the organisations, because it is crucial that evidence against war crimes (committed in Palestine) can be delivered.

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