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SOMO’s strategic plan


Transforming the economic system by restraining corporate power and building social justice.

Today’s world faces huge and interconnected challenges. The climate crisis, ignored for far too long, is the most pressing of these. Inequality, both within and between countries, persists. The Coronavirus pandemic exposed deep inequities, and we saw the most vulnerable people around the world facing the most severe consequences. The impacts of biodiversity loss – considered by many as the next big crisis – have yet to be adequately recognised.

  • SOMO Strategy 2021-2025 B (pdf, 5.08 MB)

SOMO envisions a global economic, political, and legal system that is equitable, democratic, transparent, and environmentally sustainable. The outsized and harmful power of multinational companies and the structures that enable them stand in the way. A shift in power balance is urgently needed.

To address this, SOMO investigates multinationals: we expose their impact, their structures, and the systems they operate in. We also develop alternatives and carry out advocacy work. We do that as part of a civil society movement in deep collaborations and alliances with partners all over the world, always seeing our role as part of an ecosystem of stakeholders. We deliver the knowledge that fuels far-reaching change. Read more about how we work in our strategy for 2021-2025.

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