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A general view during of the Presentation of the report on the situation in Syria at the Twenty-Seventh session of the Human Rights Council. 16 September 2014. UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré
UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré

Our Network

Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate. A significant portion of our work is carried out through long-term partnerships, be it through collaborative research projects or by providing research services to support the activism and campaigns of civil society organisations worldwide.

We actively participate in various Dutch, European, and international networks and also serve as hosts for several networks.  Our commitment lies in sharing knowledge, learning from others, and contributing to a transformative and justice-focused world. With these networks, we aim to influence policymakers and corporations by facilitating coordination and collaboration between civil society organisations worldwide.

Relationships with CSOs

We collaborate closely with civil society organisations worldwide in our research and programmes. Through joint publications and lobbying, we strengthen the position of local NGOs and trade unions and encourage engagement and policymaking in the Netherlands and Europe.

Networks co-ordinated by SOMO

We co-ordinate several international networks, which SOMO staff members coordinate. Network coordinators initiate network strategy development and manage internal and external communication, advocacy, and lobbying.

These are the networks we co-ordinate:

  • MVO Platform

MVO Platform(opens in new window) is a network of Dutch civil society organisations and trade unions working together to promote corporate social responsibility. The MVO Platform promotes public policies that encourage corporate social responsibility and ensure that companies can be held accountable.

  • OECD Watch

OECD Watch(opens in new window) is an international network of civil society organisations promoting corporate accountability. The purpose of OECD Watch is to inform the wider NGO community about policies and activities related to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and to test the effectiveness of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). OECD Watch ensures that business activity contributes to sustainable development and poverty eradication, and that corporations are accountable for their global impacts.

  • GoodElectronics

GoodElectronics(opens in new window) is a network of civil society organisations and individuals concerned about human rights and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain. Its mission is to contribute to improving corporate and public policies and practices concerning protecting and respecting human rights and the environment in the global electronics supply chain, with a specific focus on big brand companies.

  • Tax Justice Nederland

Tax Justice Nederland(opens in new window) is a network that aims to raise awareness about the worldwide negative consequences of tax avoidance. The network and its members advocate for a fair global tax system. The Dutch network is part of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice(opens in new window) .

Networks that SOMO participates in

We participate in many different networks and initiatives. We share research and analysis in these networks, strengthening the knowledge base for networking and lobbying, campaigns, and the activities of other participating organisations.

The level of SOMO’s participation in networks varies − including initiating them, playing a managerial role, or actively participating.

SOMO plays an active role in the following networks:

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