An analysis of the Dutch textiles and garment sector

This study, commissioned by the Clean Clothes Campaign, shows the restrictive effects of using so-called ‘threshold values’ on future legislation on corporate social responsibility in the clothing and textile industry. The issue is which companies should be subject to a corporate social responsibility obligation. In the Netherlands, a draft law has been submitted that uses 250 employees as the lower limit.

The analysis shows that, of the companies participating in the Convenant Duurzame Kleding en Textiel (CKT), only a third will have to comply with a legal obligation to operate responsibly if they have 250 employees. At sector level, the contrast is even greater: it is estimated that 95 per cent of companies in the sector fall below the threshold of 250 employees and are therefore outside the scope of the bill.

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publication cover - Why all companies need to be included in due diligence and corporate accountability legislation
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