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Sanne van der Wal

Senior Researcher

Sanne van der Wal specialises in action research on social, economic and environmental issues in international value chains. His work focuses on improving the conditions of workers and communities and addressing negative climate, biodiversity and ecological impacts of production and trade.

Approaches that have the potential to transform sectors, such as curbing corporate power concentration and the promotion of supply chain transparency and sustainability standards and regulation, play an important role in his work. Over the years, Sanne has investigated many different companies and sectors at SOMO, however, there is a strong focus on value chains in food and agriculture.

Before joining SOMO in 2004, Sanne did research and campaign work for Dutch consumer organisation Goede Waar (formerly Alternative Consumers’ Association) to make production of garments and food more sustainable.

Sanne holds a master’s degree in Psychology, majoring in Psychonomics, from the University of Amsterdam.

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