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Vattenfall publishes list of all its coal suppliers worldwide

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After many years of research and advocacy by SOMO, PAX, and other European NGOs, Vattenfall has finally become the first power company to publish a list of all of its coal suppliers worldwide(opens in new window) . SOMO has been insistent that electric utilities be transparent about the origins of the fuels they use to generate electricity.

In 2012, SOMO published The Black Box, a report on the Dutch and European coal supply chain. In 2014, the Dutch power companies and the Dutch competition authority (ACM) said that publishing such information would be ‘anti-competitive’ and a violation of Dutch competition law. SOMO disputed this argument and continued to push for disclosure.

Now continued advocacy and pressure from SOMO and our partners’ has convinced Vattenfall to do what it once said was impossible. SOMO applauds Vattenfall for providing this level of transparency, which is unique among energy utilities.

NGOs and communities in Europe and coal mining countries around the world now know that they can approach Vattenfall directly if they experience impacts from coal mines from which Vattenfall sources. They have new information, new power, and a new advocacy route to prevent and remedy human rights and environmental violations. SOMO will continue to work with partners in Europe and locally to advocate for other power companies to follow this example and to make use of this new information and power to affect change.

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