MangoesPhoto: Wilfredo Rodríguez

The global food system is of great importance to global employment, culture, environment, conservation, peace, stability and nutrition. A third of the working population worldwide is involved in agriculture. Work in food and agriculture is often harsh, dangerous, underpaid and precarious.

Through research and advocacy with partners and networks around the world, SOMO pushes for company and government policies that foster equitable and sustainable food production and consumption.

Our interventions span  a wide range of topics including sustainability certification and corporate purchasing policies and their impacts. We also address unfair trading practices, market concentration, speculation and uneven value distribution, the right to food and land conflicts. SOMO looks in particular at diverse food and agricultural supply chains including tea, coffee, sugar cane, fruit and vegetables, and cut flowers. We focus special attention on the role of supermarkets.

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Sustainable Supply Chains

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