Four ways Shell impedes the just transition

Does a company – in which profit and shareholder satisfaction come at the cost of depriving populations around the world from resources and revenues they need to improve their health and secure their livelihoods – have the moral compass necessary to influence a “just” transition, even if it were to switch tomorrow to windmills and solar collectors? Is a just transition simply a question of switching from one source of energy to another, or is deeper, structural change required? And is such change possible when decision-making is skewed towards corporate interests?

A research group, consisting of Decolonisation Network Former Dutch East Indies (DNVNI), HandelAnders!, JA! Justiça Ambiental/Friends of the Earth Mozambique, Reclame Fossielvrij, TNI and SOMO, looked at Shell from different perspectives to expose, explain, and deconstruct a number of issues including: the company’s focus on profit-maximisation, how Shell thrives on inequality, how it undermines democratic decision-making, and how it misleads the public about future prospects. This report is a synthesis of the contributions written by the research group. The full articles can be found on the Future Beyond Shell website.

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publication cover - Still playing the Shell Game
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