The Dutch role in Jakarta’s coastal defence and land reclamation

The Master Plan for the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development programme (NCICD), a multi-billion infrastructure project that is meant to protect the city of Jakarta against future flooding, was drawn up by a consortium of Dutch engineering and consultancy companies. The Dutch government, through its development aid budget, has supported the design phase and is likely to remain closely involved with this prestigious project. It is a prime example of the shift in Dutch development policies as laid down in the New Agenda for Aid, Trade and Investment.

Research by SOMO, Both ENDS and TNI shows that the NCICD and related projects in Jakarta Bay are likely to damage the environment and could threaten the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people who rely on the local fishing industry. Local civil society organisations are deeply concerned that they have not been involved in the planning and design of this large-scale infrastructure and real estate project. In 2014, they joined forces with other affected groups and formed the ‘Save the Jakarta Bay Coalition’.

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