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Human Rights & Grievance Mechanisms

Tools and resources for professionals and citizens who seek remedy for corporate human rights abuses

What are grievance mechanisms?

Who can file a complaint and where? Get started with the essentials.

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A step-by-step guide to a complaint

10 steps to file a complaint with a grievance mechanism

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Overview of grievance mechanisms

Which grievance mechanisms can help you to get access to justice?

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Multinational corporate activity may contribute to or cause environmental abuses and the violation of individuals, workers and communities’ human rights. When taking legal action to hold companies accountable for their misconduct, victims are often confronted with weak governance, inadequate legal frameworks, and/or poor implementation of regulation and court decisions.

Although grievance mechanisms are not a substitute for legal action such as court cases, they can be used by victims of human rights abuses and other violations by companies as a way to seek remedy. This website is for individuals, workers, communities and civil society organisations who need information and tools to file complaints against a company, business or multinational corporation to address corporate human rights abuses, seek justice and/or obtain reparation.