In a video statement released today, the GoodElectronics Network present 5 demands for the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition. EICC is a potentially important industry body of electronics brands and manufacturers, that is, however, failing to effectively address major human rights issues in the global electronics industry.

Over the past years, the GoodElectronics Network has repeatedly called on EICC to address ongoing problems including low wages, long work hours, no trade unions, and the lack of proper grievance mechanisms. The video statement by GoodElectronics presents concerns and demands, at the occasion of the current EICC Code of Conduct review process.

The GoodElectronics Network calls upon EICC member companies to address 5 pressing issues:

  • Provide supply chain transparency and accountability
  • Make the EICC Code of conduct in line with ILO standards
  • Respect workers’ rights to form & join trade unions
  • Ensure the setup of effective, accessible grievance mechanisms
  • Engage stakeholders in the decision-making process

EICC Code Review

Proposals for the code review can be submitted from April 24 until June 6. At the end of July the EICC members will vote on the Code of Conduct revisions. By January of 2015 there will be a revised EICC Code of Conduct, version 5.0. The submissions are reviewed on a set of criteria, including compatibility with international norms and regulations; measurable via an audit or other means; positively impacting people and planet.

Click here for more information on the EICC code update process.