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Financial reforms in focus

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SOMO together with New Rules on Global Finance (US) and WEED (Germany), is organising on 3-4 September 2015 a seminar how to integrate public policy goals in financial reforms. The meeting takes place just before the G20 Finance Ministers and Governors of central banks are meeting in Ankara. Therefore, assessing the G20 Financial reforms will be part of the seminar’s agenda.

Integrate public policy goals in financial regulation

The first purpose of the seminar is to convene civil society organisations (CSO’s) worldwide to discuss how to integrate public policy goals in financial regulation, such as: reducing inequality, sustainable development goals, promoting adequate financial inclusion, and, of course, preventing financial crises to avoid the negative impacts that accompany them, like increased unemployment.

Exchange concern

The seminar’s second purpose is to exchange concerns and views from CSO with G20 policy makers regarding the (lack of) progress and content of the reforms. The long term objective is to strengthen civil society to advocate for strong reforms and changes in the financial system that incorporate public policy interests, amongst others by the G20.

In preparation and in order to start the dialogue with G20 policy makers, a group of CSOs issued a declaration that assesses the G20 reform agenda, which can be downloaded underneath. More information from , senior reseacher at SOMO.

G20-Preventing-the-next-financial-and-debt-crisis (2642 downloads )

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