Together with 22 organisations from 22 EU-member states, SOMO participates in a large project – SupplyCha!nge project – to make supermarket supply chains more fair and green. The first public activity in this project is a EU wide photo competition. The winner wins a trip to the expo in Milan.

“The SupplyCha!nge project is asking retailers to implement changes in their supply chains, with this photo competition we’re asking consumers to share their vision of a better world and more sustainable food and diet’’, says Van der Wal. Join the competition before the end of August and have a look on the SupplyCha!nge website for all the information.

Goal of FairSuperBrands project

‘The general objective of this three-year project is to improve the sustainability of production and consumption patterns of supermarket store-brands. Making these widely consumed store brands more sustainable will have a huge positive impact on environmental, working and living conditions in developing countries. More specifically the SupplyCha!nge project aims to improve purchasing practices and labour conditions in retailer supply chains. Unfair buyer power practices applied by retailers lead to unsustainable practices among suppliers and retailers. The project focuses on improving policies and practices of the leading EU retailers. These retailers have a big buying power that is strong enough to exert major control over suppliers and over the market itself.

The photo competition is to help raise public awareness of sustainability issues in the production of store brands and to build a wider human rights, development and environmental movement that is campaigning on retailers in order to increase pressure on the supermarkets’, explains researcher Sanne van der Wal.