Photo: Frank de Ruiter

SOMO investigates multinationals. Independent, factual, critical and with a clear goal: a fair and sustainable world, in which public interests outweigh corporate interests. We conduct action-oriented research to expose the impact and unprecedented power of multinationals and show the underlying structures that enable them. Cooperating with hundreds of organisations around the world, we ensure that our information arrives where it has the most impact: from communities and courtrooms to civil society organisations, media and politicians.

SOMO Research

As a centre of knowledge on key issues, we drive analysis and pursue strategies aimed at social and sustainable change. We work on this in four expertise teams:

  1. Tax & Economic Justice
  2. Commodities & Sustainable Supply Chains
  3. Climate Justice
  4. Corporate Research & Special Themes

Besides, we work on Countering Corporate Strategies in the Mind the Gap project.

SOMO Services

We provide custom made services to the non-profit international and governmental organisations. SOMO Services works on demand for clients, offering corporate-related research, training, analysis, and advice to help them meet their social and sustainable goals and implement activities and campaigns effectively.

SOMO Network

SOMO’ has a broad network worldwide. We work in close cooperation with civil society organisations from all parts of the world. We actively participate in dozens of global networks around specific topics. Finally, we host several networks, including the OECD Watch Network, the GoodElectronics Network and the Dutch networks Tax Justice NL and MVO Platform. In this way, we facilitate and support cooperation and coordination of strategies between civil society organisations worldwide to jointly influence policymakers and corporations.

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