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Workers forced to sign ‘no suicide’ pledge at China tech plant

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Employees at the Chinese electronics plant that makes gadgets for companies including Apple are being forced to sign a pledge that they will not commit suicide, according to reports.

Working conditions at Foxconn are so gruelling that at least 14 workers have killed themselves over the last 16 months.

The spate of suicides prompted superiors to put up ‘suicide nets’ to catch staff trying to jump to their deaths.

Researchers claim that staff have been ordered to promise in writing that they will not attempt to kill themselves.

And should they break that pact they have to accept that their families will not claim for more than minimum compensation.

The Huffington Post has translated part of the pact from a report in China. It reads: "In the event of non-accidental injuries (including suicide, self mutilation, etc.), I agree that the company has acted properly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and will not sue the company, bring excessive demands, take drastic actions that would damage the company’s reputation or cause trouble that would hurt normal operations."

An investigation by the Centre for Research on Multinational Companies and Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour found that Foxconn workers toil in appalling conditions.

It claimed excessive overtime is rife, with one worker enduring 98 hours of overtime in a single month. Workers stand during their 12-hour shifts and are not allowed to talk.

Source: The Drum


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