SOMO is taking part in the climate strike and is therefore closing its doors on Friday 27 September. We hereby join the young climate strikers on the street who demand an end to the era of fossil fuels and who stand up for climate justice.

The climate belongs to everyone

Together with 51 other organizations, SOMO signed a statement on climate change in support of the climate strike on Friday 27 September.

Climate change is the result of the way we consume, produce, distribute, consume and throw away worldwide. Based on our many years of research experience, we know what challenges we face. What seems clean and green to us may be based on a grim reality elsewhere in the world.

We therefore call on politicians and policy makers to come up with a fair and ambitious climate policy. Policy that, above all, is not at the expense of others. That is what we stand for as SOMO and we participate in the climate strike!

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