Supermarkets in the Netherlands sell products that originate from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. These settlements are a violation of international law, are considered illegal by the international community as well as the Dutch government, and cause serious human rights violations including the expropriation of land for agricultural development in the settlements and violence against the Palestinian population.

Through the trade in settlement products supermarkets are directly linked to these violations. This paper provides insights into the responsibilities of supermarkets regarding settlement trade by focusing on the impact of the settlements on human rights, the import and marketing of settlements products in the Netherlands, and the application of the OECD guidelines. The paper concludes that the import and marketing of settlement products is in contradiction with the OECD guidelines, as settlement trade is linked to human rights violations. Supermarkets should take steps to prevent and terminate their link with these violations. Recommendations are provided to the supermarkets on how to fulfill their due diligence responsibilities, and to the Dutch government on how this can be encouraged.

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publication cover - Trading settlement products and the role of Dutch supermarkets in human rights violations
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