With a case study on Indonesia

In 2003 and beginning 2004, SOMO has done in depth research of the financial sector. The research was carried out as part of our 4-year program ‘Sector Research and Corporate Social Responsibility’, and was financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-financed by Novib (Oxfam Netherlands). The ING Group seems to have a comprehensive policy to incorporate CSR principles into its corporate culture and its daily operations. This SOMO report aims at identifying ING Group’s CSR policy and to assess how this policy is put into practice worldwide, and especially in Indonesia. Part 2 of ING’s company profile studies more in depth ING’s involvement in Indonesia for which the research was conducted by Business Watch Indonesia (BWI). BWI is an Indonesian NGO that was set up in 2002 to promote democratic economic governance. The research on ING in Indonesia was conducted by BWI’s own staff, with the help of experienced Indonesian journalists. read more less
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