In September SOMO got a new and broader management team. Next to Esther de Haan and Ronald Gijsbertsen, Roos van Os and Gerhard Schuil joined the MT. Roos van Os has been working as a researcher at SOMO for the last seven years; Gerhard Schuil was managing director at Oikos until September. He also chaired Rank-a-Brand and worked at ICCO.

The fact that former MT member Joris Oldenziel left SOMO, was the main reason for broadening the MT. Joris became the head of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement at the Bangladesh Accord Foundation.

His departure gave space to reflect on the current composition and tasks of the MT. The SOMO staff decided to expand the MT to four people. This new size fits the way of working programmaticly that SOMO adopted in January 2014. Futhermore, the MT members are better embedded in the primary process of SOMO: management tasks are complemented by research and programme activities.