Evidence for Empowerment and Accountability

SOMO’s ambitions are unabashedly big: we want to generate critical knowledge and build strong connections that can empower civil society to reshape the world and the role of multinational corporations within it. In this strategy plan you can read how we plan to achieve this.

Momentum for responsibility and justice

In SOMO’s vision, civil society wields the power to put an end to the unsustainable strategies and practices of multinational corporations. Instead of a global system geared toward corporate profit and power, an empowered civil society will put in place new forms of democratic, transparent decision-making and governance, and erect an economic system based on justice, sustainability, and the fair distribution of power.

The challenge of entrenched corporate power

Although we see many opportunities in the coming five years, we recognise the substantial challenges we face. Wielding a political power that increasingly matches their economic power, multinational corporations exert more and more influence over all types of decision-making processes and every aspect of people’s lives—from food to energy, from taxation to trade, from wages to waste.

The way forward in a new global context

The need for systemic change is more urgent than ever before. Now more than ever, civil society organisations and social movements need to link up and work together—empowered by solid research and analysis about multinational corporations and the sectors and systems in which they operate, as well as forward-looking alternatives that will lead to a more sustainable, democratic, and fair world.

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publication cover - SOMO Strategic Plan 2016-2020
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