The MVO Platform is campaigning to hold multinationals responsible for their damaging behaviour. During a debate on 11 November, the business community, politicians and critics will go through the options for tackling the breaches.

This is just a selection from the many examples in which the behaviour of multinationals has a damaging impact on the local living environment, people and the environment.

The MVO Platform thinks that this cannot be tolerated any longer, and is therefore campaigning to hold these multinationals responsible for their damaging behaviour. Do you also think something needs to change? Sign the petition at

The proposals the campaign is arguing for

The Rights for People Rules for Business campaign is calling on policymakers in the European Union to implement laws which hold multinational companies responsible for the damaging consequences of their activities across the world:

  1. Hold European companies legally responsible for damage which they do to people and the environment, both inside and outside the EU.
  2. Make it mandatory for multinational companies to publish full and reliable information on the impact of their activities on people and the environment. Make sure that companies are transparent about their activities and plans.
  3. Make sure that the victims of activities of European companies can gain unimpeded access to the law in the European Union.

The breaches referred to above are not in isolation, there are many other examples which show that companies do not take human rights and the environment seriously. These stories are shown in detail on the campaign website, and you can read more there about the proposals the campaign is making.

Debate on Global business, global rights

MVO platform, together with De Balie, is organising a debate on 11 November.
During the debate, the business community, politicians and critics will go through the options for tackling the breaches. Speakers from various countries, including India, Colombia and South Africa, will explain what irresponsible corporate behaviour can lead to.

Thursday 11 November, 8 PM - De Balie (Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam)
Tickets: €5 / €7 (reservations:

more information is available on the website of De Balie

The MVO Platform is joining forces for this campaign with the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ), a European network which unites 250 social organisations.