Companies have faced and are increasingly facing challenges in their efforts to identify, manage and mitigate their adverse impacts on human rights and other rights along their entire supply chain. In this light, Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM), as part of a companys Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, has become a key part of the strategy of many companies. However, at the same time RSCM has not fully succeeded in eliminating CSR challenges of supply chains of EU-based companies. This study aims at providing suggestions as to why certain CSR challenges still remain in supply chains. It also provides an overview of potential success factors and challenges companies and States are facing in their attempt to eliminate these issues from their supply chains. Additionally, the study aims at providing EU policy makers and Member States with recommendations for defining possible strategies or policies, or for providing support to (existing) initiatives. The results of this study are presented in this executive summary.

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publication cover - Responsible Supply Chain Management
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