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Responsible public procurement

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In 2016 SOMO services provided several clients with professional advice to use in their dialogue with companies. For example SOMO’s expertise on socially responsible public procurement proved vital for assisting buying agencies of the Dutch government in implementing a responsible sourcing policy.

Strong message to electronics industry suppliers

The government sought SOMO’s professional advice in relation to a national tender(opens in new window)  (ROAD2016) for data centre hardware worth more than 144 million euros.

In response to SOMO’s recommendations, the agency included concrete and measurable sustainability requirements in the award system criteria for the data centre’s procurement contracts. The award system sends a strong and much-needed message to electronics industry suppliers: socially responsible business practices are not only expected, they will be concretely rewarded.

The social conditions and the award system criteria for the tender can be found on the website(opens in new window) of the buying agency (only in Dutch).

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