A Resource Guide For NGO's

This guide, written by SOMO and La Strada Internatioal, aims to provide NGOs working on trafficking and forced labour, with knowledge and tools to engage the private sector in their work. Different vulnerable sectors and the role that corporations could potentially play in contributing to and preventing human trafficking are described.

Steps are outlined that businesses can take to avoid contributing to human trafficking, based on existing guidelines and toolkits. The Guide explains UN, ILO and EU business and human rights frameworks and highlights their relevance to anti-trafficking work.

Examples of private sector engagement from other NGO networks are given, ranging from campaigns for corporate justice and lodging complaints to NGO-business partnering and multi-stakeholder initiatives. The last chapter of the guide provides information on which strategies NGOs can pursue to engage the private sector to tackle human trafficking and to hold corporations accountable.

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publication cover - ‘Engaging the Private Sector to End Human Trafficking’
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