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Fernanda Hopenhaym

Member Supervisory Board

Fernanda Hopenhaym is the Co-Executive Director of the Project on Organizing, Development, Education and Research (PODER), an organisation in Latin America dedicated to corporate accountability.

For over twenty years, she has worked on economic, social and gender justice. Since 2006 Fernanda has been working on issues related to human rights and financial institutions and in the last ten years, she has focused specifically on business and human rights, working to advance corporate accountability and strengthen respect for human rights vis-a-vis private and public investments and private sector operations.

She has conducted research on cases related to corporate impact on human rights and the environment and worked with and accompanied local communities affected by public/private projects in their pursuit of justice and remedy. She has conducted advocacy in the LAC region and globally to advance corporate accountability and human rights as well as leading training and capacity building on business and human rights related issues.

As part of PODER, she was a member of the Treaty Alliance and a founding member of the Feminists for a Binding Treaty. For the period 2019-2021, Fernanda was Chair of the Board of ESCRNet, the international network for economic, social and cultural rights; she is currently a member of the Board of EarthRights International and of All Out, and an adviser to the Business and Human Rights Award Foundation. In November 2021, Fernanda was appointed by the Human Rights Council to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights.

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