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Aintzane Márquez

Researcher Strategic Litigation

Aintzane Márquez is a researcher and coordinator on strategic litigation. She is a practising lawyer and has experience litigating before national, regional and international courts and non-judicial mechanisms concerning corporate accountability, gender-based violence, discrimination, human trafficking and sexual and reproductive rights.

Before joining SOMO, Aintzane was a senior attorney at Women’s Link Worldwide, a transnational feminist organization that uses the power of the law to promote social change that advances the rights of women and girls, especially those facing multiple forms of discrimination. Before this, she was a senior associate in the Criminal Law department at the law firm Garrigues, where she specialized in litigating white-collar crimes and corporate criminal compliance.

Aintzane has a bachelor’s Law degree and a Master’s in Advanced Studies in Human Rights from Carlos III University in Madrid (Spain). She also holds an Executive Master’s degree in Business Law. She is currently enrolled in a PhD in Law program; her research is focused on the gendered impacts of corporate human rights violations and access to remedy from an international, comparative and national approach using strategic litigation as a methodological tool that enhances social change.

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