SOMO Services provides engaging and action-oriented training programmes developed from decades of experience researching multinational enterprises. Our training programmes provide civil society organisations and (semi) public organisations the hands-on knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable change and provide a counterweight to unsustainable strategies and practices of multinational corporations. Trainings are provided by thematic specialists and are available in different forms:

Training Seminars and Workshops

SOMO Services’ training seminars and workshops offer participants hands-on knowledge and skills to be able to effectively research the impact of companies on the ground and address corporate misconduct.

E-learning Modules

SOMO Services’ e-learning modules combine personal interaction with trainers in live-streamed training sessions with the flexibility of self-paced learning. SOMO’s e-learning modules are especially suited for on-the-job training.

Tailor-made Training

In addition to training programmes on company research and addressing corporate misconduct, SOMO Services offers training tailored to the specific needs of organisations that can be delivered worldwide.


SOMO Services offers training on the following topics:

  • Company research
  • Business and human rights
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Supply chain analysis



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