OT-Watch-Copper-gold-ore-dust-at-the-Oyu-Tolgoi-mine-DSCN0067-1500x800Photo: OT Watch

SOMO and seven other NGOs have sent a joint letter to mining multinational Rio Tinto to formally complain about the lack of response to questions raised by shareholders and proxy attendees at the company’s Annual General Meeting in April 2020.

The questions cover a number of themes, from environmental contamination to governance and transparency, and relate to Rio Tinto mines across the globe, including its operations in Mongolia on which SOMO has reported extensively. Given the failure to adequately respond to these questions before and during the meeting, the signatories are now formally requesting that Rio Tinto provide written answers, substantiated with data and evidence.

In april 2020, SOMO and its Mongolian partner OT Watch published a report on Rio Tinto’s mining operations in Mongolia, which amount to the corporate capture of the country’s resources. The story of Oyu Tolgoi is also documented and visualised on mongolia.somo.nl.

Read the full letter below.