More than hundred civil society organizations, including SOMO, signed this open letter to the European Parliament and national parliaments that calls for support for the proposal that ensures equal and affordable access for all people worldwide to Corona vaccines and treatments.

It concerns a temporary waiver from certain provisions witin TRIPS Agreement on Trade-related Intellectual Property Rights , the agreement within the World Trade organisation that handles the trad in interlectual property rights. The waiver was proposed by India, South Africa, Eswatini and Kenya.

Earlier, a resolution was adopted at the European Parliament, recognizing this need. Therefore, the European Commision’s strong opposition to the Waiver Proposal is a strong set back.

The organisations ask the members of Eurpean and national parliaments to launch actions (in the form of letters, hearings and/or resolutions) to demand the European Commision to reconsider the European position on the Waiver Proposal and demand support for the proposal.