Letter to the Dutch ambassador in Bangladesh to share our deep concern about the further deterioration of political space for workers to exercise their fundamental rights in Bangladesh, and the ongoing serious and systematic labour and human rights violations.

Update 27-02-2019 with response of the embassy:

As you know, this embassy has for years been closely involved in actions aimed at improving the situation of (clothing) workers in Bangladesh. A lot of energy has been invested in the improvement of the safety situation in factories and although there are many improvements to be noted, there is still a great need to continue to work hard. We are working hard to enable the Accord to continue its work in Bangladesh. In addition, we work together with ILO and other partners to ensure the right to unite and the right to a minimum wage. We will fully respond to this in the coming year.
As a result of the serious incidents to which you refer, we are in close contact with EU colleagues and other like-minded countries such as Canada, Switzerland and Norway. Along common lines, we address the government and we look at how we can contribute to improving the human rights situation.
In general it can be said that in the run-up to the elections on many fronts the scope for debate and contradiction has decreased. This is the general human rights situation right now within which civil society, the opposition and the press are now having a hard time. We will be happy to talk to you.”