Ending the age of corporate capture, collusion and impunity

The report ‘Justice for People and Planet’ shows how corporate power has been used to repeatedly abuse and violate human and environmental rights. It was written by Greenpeace with assistance from SOMO.

Twenty cases expose corporate wrongdoing relating to deforestation, water and air pollution, plastic pollution, waste dumping, chemical spills, nuclear disaster,  of indigenous rights violations, civic and legal repression of environmental and human rights defenders, tax avoidance, corruption, climate denial, and fraudulent manipulation of the public debate.

Via ‘Justice for People and Planet’, Greenpeace calls on government leaders to adopt binding rules to hold companies responsible for the consequences of their behavior. The report presents ten fundamental principles to protect people and the earth.

The companies highlighted are partners or participants in the World Economic Forum: ACS Group (Grupo Cobra), the Carbon Majors (47 companies), DowDuPont, Energy Transfer Partners, Exxon, Gabriel Resources, Glencore, Grupo Bimbo, Halcyon Agri (Sudcam), ICIG (Miteni), Keskinoğlu, Monsanto, Nestlé, Novartis (Sandoz), Resolute Forest Products, Rosatom, Schörghuber Group (Ventisqueros), Total, Trafigura, and VW.


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publication cover - Justice for People and Planet
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