A number of people at Oxfam Novib and even at Oxfam International will be familiar with the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO). For those who are not, we gladly seize the opportunity provided in this newsletter to introduce ourselves.

We have been working with Oxfam Novib for many years in a number of networks such as the Dutch Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, OECD watch, the Tropical Commodity Coalition, the Coalition for Fair Trade, Red Puentes etc. Over the years we have also conducted many quick scans (short pieces of research) for Oxfam Novib on CSR of companies which supported are range of private sector related Oxfam Novib activities such as decision making, strategizing, partnerships and dialogue. We also have been working together already in a range of activities from projects on the tea sector, fruits and vegetables & to CSR trainings in various countries all over the world.

SOMO’s activities and research on corporations and their international context focus on sustainable economic and social development and on the structural eradication of poverty, exploitation, and inequality.

With its activities and research, SOMO wants to contribute directly or indirectly to sustainable development, and to the fight against the negative consequences of globalisation for countries from the global North as well as from the global South. All our investigations and activities are related to the corporate policies or the corporate practices of multinational enterprises.

As such SOMO’s goals are change through knowledge building, strengthening of civil society in the global North and South and increasing the impact of civil society organisations. We are looking forward to collaborate with ON on our shared aims in the new IMPACT alliance.

For more information: please visit our website www.somo.nl

Source: Oxfam Novib