Controversy and Tax Avoidance Scan

Miteni SpA specialises in the production of fluorochemicals, which are used to make stain-resistant, waterproof or non-stick finishes. In 2013, the Italian government’s National Research Council produced a study implicating the Italian chemical company in large-scale water pollution and water contamination across the Veneto Region in north-east Italy.

A SOMO report has been commissioned by Greenpeace Italy and consists of a controversy scan and a tax avoidance scan of Miteni SpA’s corporate group, the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). The objective of the study is to provide further information about the corporate group that controls Miteni and the way it manages its operations.

This investigation identifies critical issues concerning ICIG’s businesses, including labour conflicts at its operations, protests against the environmental pollution it is suspected of causing, the use of leveraged buyouts to acquire new companies, and probable tax avoidance by ICIG.

  • Find here a report by Greenpeace based on SOMO’s findings (in Italian).
  • Read here the public statement by Miteni.
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publication cover - The International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG)
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