Less than two weeks after the brutal murder of Berta Cáceres, another COPINH advocate, Nelson García, was murdered in Honduras. Over the years, COPINH activists have faced violence and intimidation for their opposition to the Agua Zarca hydroelectric dam, which is being financed by the Dutch development bank FMO.

Photo: COPINH (www.copinh.org)

COPINH represents more than 200 communities and are well known for defending the rights of the indigenous Lenca against harmful development projects in Honduras.

Over the last few years SOMO, together with other organisations, has continuously stressed the problems around the Agua Zarca hydroelectric project, as well as with other projects FMO is financing. As a result of Garcías’ murder, FMO stated that it would suspend all activities in Honduras, including new payments to the Agua Zarca. SOMO is now calling for the FMO to completely withdraw from the Agua Zarca project and believes this case highlights the need for FMO to review the way they do business.