Photo: Berta Cáceres / CIDH (CC BY 2.0)

On June 3rd, Milieudefensie, ActionAid IUCN and SOMO will organize an interactive event which will focus on power structures in our supply chains and the obstacles that activists face when they stand up against corporate misconduct.

Human rights violations and environmental damage resulting from corporate activities unfortunately still happen daily. Plantations kick farmers off their land. Mining corporations pollute air and water. Female workers are exploited in factories worldwide.

Activists that stand up against these practices often face serious opposition: ranging from intimidation to even murder. Access to justice for them is not always self-evident. How can we make sure that these people, worldwide, have access to justice?

During the event, activists from Africa and Asia will share their stories and offer possible solutions. You will be taken on the activist’s journey and invited to join their fight. Make sure to bring a mobile phone!

  • Where: Pakhuis de Zwyger, Amsterdam
  • When: June 3rd, 19:30 hour

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