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Karen Paalman

Ensure effective enforcement of the Digital Markets Act

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The EU has set a high standard for platform regulation. If properly enforced, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA), together with other digital regulation in the pipeline, will be landmark laws to rebalance digital markets, increase citizens’ and consumer protection and choice and put an end to many of the harmful practices that big tech companies have engaged in over the years.

However, these instruments will only be effective if big tech companies comply with the rules in practice. In this respect, a number of consumer organisations and csos have serious concerns about the implementation and enforcement resources for the DMA, like sufficient human and technical resources, including IT tools and digital specialist expertise.

In an open letter to the European Parliament, the undersigning organisations strongly urge the Parliament to focus its attention on the enforcement in practice of this ground-breaking legislation. More specifically, they urge the Parliament to use its budgetary powers, and all other means at its disposal, to enable and support the Commission to take steps now to put in place all necessary resources in a timely manner to effectively enforce the DMA.


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  • ARTICLE 19

  • BEUC

  • European Digital Rights u2013 EDRi

  • LobbyControl

  • Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e.V.

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