Photo: MeSah011, Flickr

SOMO Services provides engaging and action-oriented training programmes developed from decades of experience researching multinational enterprises. In addition to its face-to-face training programmes, SOMO also offers full e-learning programmes and blended training programmes. The latter is a combination between face-to-face and online learning.


Our e-learning modules combine personal interaction with trainers in live-streamed training sessions with the flexibility of self-paced learning through an e-learning platform. SOMO’s e-learning approach offers the benefits of bridging distance gaps and travel budget constraints, while also offering trainer and group interaction. Virtual office hours with the trainers further personalise the learning experience for participants.

Additionally, the time for self-study between online sessions allows for more gradual uptake of information by participants and better processing and capturing of materials shared. E-learning is therefore an excellent way to for knowledge based training and can be organised for all topics that SOMO offers training on.

Blended learning

In blended training, the advantages of e-learning and face-to face training are combined. Typical blended training starts with online sessions that aim to introduce participants to the topic and establish a working relationship within a group. These modules will better prepare and equip participants before coming together in face-to-face sessions, during which they will deepen their knowledge on a subject and intensely work together on cases or assignments.

The face-to-face meetings are then followed up by another series of online sessions to further anchor the knowledge shared previously and to keep participants on track with their personal development ambitions.

If you are interested in our e-learning possibilities, please contact Virginia Sandjojo and look at the sneak preview of our e-learning platform for a course on business and human rights and access to remedy here.