Photo: Tom Shockey / Flickr

July 2018 saw the presentation of a draft version of a national ‘Climate Agreement’ – which envisions the Dutch public and private sector’s commitment to the ‘Paris Climate Agreement’. SOMO, Action Aid and Both Ends call attention to the glaring absence of the international ramifications of the agreement.

To prevent that the energy transition in the Netherlands drives environment, labor and human rights abuses elsewhere, we demand that the Parliament address the following:

  • That Environmental and human rights standards are safeguarded throughout the supply chain of green technologies and energy.
  • Coherent policy regarding a sustainable transition means reducing CO2 output should coincide with phasing out subsidies available for the Dutch and international fossil industry.
  • Human rights and environmental due diligence should be mandatory for Dutch investments in energy projects in developing countries.

The full letter is available here (in Dutch only).